purple beach towel, bag & sun lounger cover

The perfect purple beach towel / beach bag / sun lounger cover is waiting for you. The Itsa is all of this and more in one. You can use it as a beach bag to transport everything you need to the beach and then convert it to a towel and lounge cover when you get there.

  • Large convenient pockets (Mp3 player, sun cream, magazines, etc)
  • Large 84 inch beach towel
  • Sun lounger cover
  • Multipurpose beach bag
purple beach towel / beach bag / sun lounger cover

I was recently on holiday in Jamaica and I met some families from USA and they were fascinated with you product (which by the way was a life saver for not burning my back or feet!)

The itsa really is multi functional. It has even been nicknamed the swiss-army towel by some of our happy customers. We’ve tried our best to getting across just how many different functions that it performs. However in case you missed it did you also realise that the itsa is...

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